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01 January 2012 @ 01:35 pm
A S . O F . T O D A Y , . M Y . J O U R N A L . I S

SORRY, BUT I don't use this journal for anyone but myself from now on. This is going to be an outlet for my own private thoughts. I'm removing everyone from my friend's list. This journal is now my personal therapist. If you want to stay in touch, add me on Facebook. You can find a link in my info.

It was fun while it lasted.
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17 May 2008 @ 09:20 pm
This Wednesday, May 21st, there will be a memorial service held at Xile for Arielle and Chauncy. Admission is free all night. A few words will be spoken after a moment of silence around midnight. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and show their support.

And to answer a question someone asked me in my last entry: The driver that hit them is dead.

That's all & thanks for all the comments.
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16 May 2008 @ 10:59 am
Last night, I went to Perversion to see some people I don't usually see, and to hang out with some of the Xile people that wanted me to go. There were four of my friends there that flyer for Xile: Arielle, Kid, Jay, and Chauncy.

On the way back home last night, a drunk driver was going the wrong way on the 5. He hit them head on. Arielle and Chauncy passed away. Kid and Jay are in critical condition, but look like they're going to be fine.

It's weird, though. Seeing them all happy and having fun like usual, only to find out that two of them died an hour later? I don't know what else to say about this.

RIP Arielle & Chauncy. ♥ Always thought you could be a pain, but you've never been nothing but nice to me since the day I met you.
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29 August 2007 @ 12:11 am
Okay, you guys. I've talked about this before, but now this post is specifically for Xile because we're changing locations~ *reposting this from Duncan's message, only edited to be... slightly less cheesey. XD*

The OC's most established club promoters are throwing a relocation party at The CAN before we make our big move. We are going to throw an all out bash, and to celebrate everyone's help, the first 50 full paying customers will recieve free drink tickets to help get the night started. We want to throw one huge bash before we moved to our bigger venue and location. Yet before we tell you where it is, you have to be there to get the new location and the surprise we will have for our opening night. So get up, come out, get your friends, and party with us as this will be a night of many to remember.

» With your usual DJ's of rythym & noize:
Thermal Detonator
» Lots of free parking
» 2$ dollars before 11PM
» 5$ dollars at all times will recieve a free drink ticket
» Goth, 80's, Industrial, EBM, Future Pop, Synth Pop, etc.
» Great smoking patio
» Good drinks
» And fun fucking times!

Come, join us, have fun and dance with us~ We want everyone to try and make it before we make our big move, so if you could, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE. ;D

The CAN is located at;
14241 Euclid St.
Garden Grove CA, 92843

Hope to see you there tomorrow night. ;) Though I guess technically it would be tonight, but who's paying attention? :P
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27 August 2007 @ 09:25 am
Don't fucking text me after 2:00 in the morning on Sundays and Tuesdays. Don't text me after midnight on Thursdays. Don't text me before 10:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Don't text me before 8:00 in the morning on a fucking Friday.

I like getting my sleep before class.

Anyone that gets in the way of that will seriously get their asses kicked.

I'm not even fucking kidding. I'm sick of you assholes being so incosiderate of me when I need to go to class the next morning, and usually on very little sleep.

Normally, I'd just put my phone on alarm-only, but that doesn't work when it's charging for some reason. So ugh. Not much I can do about that but just constantly tell you faggots to NOT text me at certain times. It takes forever for me to fall asleep, and usually when I wake up the first time, I'm awake, period. It's just that hard for me to go back to sleep.
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21 January 2007 @ 06:25 pm
I'm bored, soooo~ is there anyone here that would want to join the Super Junior group that jangmi and I started? 8D
Hopefully we can have a full group by Anime Expo, and we can just do whatever else after that. >:D

Miracle (purple):
» download [megaupload]




» Kyuhyun will be here eventually when I get U sorted out. 8F
» Those of you that are interested: comment on this entry with a picture of yourself, assuming we don't already know you.
» If anyone needs screencaps for reference, you can bug me here:
AIM: iron und sulfur
MSN: KetsuruiAnshar@hotmail.com
e-mail: n.heechul@gmail.com
» I'm adding a list of other possible costumes, so if there's anything else you want to do, I can upload the videos. :3 I'm up for almost anything. XD
» Bold text = already started/planned.
» * = Just added


Other Videos:Collapse )
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16 August 2006 @ 08:40 pm
Okay~ So, jangmi told me to take pictures of it a little while ago, so I decided I would. The only pictures anyone got of my debut!Jin cosplay made me look retarded, sooo I took a bunch of myself. It's really hard trying to get good pictures of myself, and I don't exactly have that steady of a hand when it comes to things like this (usually), but I did what I could. 8F Then I photoshopped the hell out of them so they wouldn't look so bad & washed out. XD But yeah, I kept forgetting to bring cameras with me when I wore it at AX 'cause like, the outfit made me stupid, and therefore I forgot to bring it with me. 8F

jin + toilet-chan [+8]Collapse )

And that's it! :D

Edit: By order of Queen suguishi, I posted this over in je_cosplay. XD
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26 June 2006 @ 07:09 pm
Honey & Clover II seems to be starting on the 29th of this month! Well, according to Memento, it is.

Oh god, I can't wait. D: *is going to download the raw immediately* It looks like it's only 13 episodes, though. :( Then again, I guess there isn't much manga stuff left to cover to make it into another 26 episode season, as much as I wish it would. *needs to catch up on the manga* Oh, and Yuki is doing the opening again while Suneohair is doing the ending. :D I hope the rest of the music is still done by all the same people~ :x

Speaking of Hachikuro, there was an ad for the live action movie in one of my magazines. :D It made me all happy. I was even happier when I realized that Sho was dressed as Takehobo. 8D lksjfksldfj YAY. :D
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08 March 2006 @ 12:57 pm
So, arivelz IMed me yesterday about a cosplay group for Pop'n Music characters at Anime Expo. Seeing as I have a ton of shit I'm already doing, I probably should've said no, right? XD But I figured I'd join just for fun. I mean, a large majority of my other outfits for AX are just for gatherings and random groups.

Right now, I'm trying to see if anyone else wants to join us. :3 If you do, go to popncrew. There aren't many characters taken so far (last I checked), but you can refer to this post for the application. I'm going to be Yuli. :D

Edit: Ari: And it doesn't have to be for AX, it's an overall cosplay group and we'll hit up any convention we can.

Oh! I almost forgot! Here is a list of all the characters. Browse through them and pick one. :D (Yeah, I'm only doing this for people that will read through this post before anything in the community)

That's pretty much all I have to say for now~ I'm going to Golf 'n Stuff for In The Groove today. Yoda should be here in a half an hour or so. :3
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